“it never goes away, but it all works out”

I realize that line seems to be taken a bit out of context of the song’s meaning, but not to me. It has been something of an echo in my head for a time. For a while I just paid attention to those 4 words, “it all works out.” But I’ve been treating my life like the woman in that song. At one time or another I’ve pledged myself, in a sense, to my life; to self. I’ve promised myself I’d be kinder to me, I’d discover my own passions, I’d choose to be satisfied–happy, even–with the here and now. I know that’s not unique to me (there’s really not much that’s unique to me. We’re all basically similar, I’ve noticed. But that’s actually okay!), but familiar personal battles don’t make them mean less. And lately as I’ve paid more attention it’s been a fairly natural thing to let myself enjoy life amid her stressors and challenges. It’s been easier to have more time with myself than apart from  myself. 

But any way, the hard things; the uncertain things; the realization that you’ve been neglecting the thing you’ve pledged to love; it never goes away. But it all works out.